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Mission, Vision and Values ​​Paint4U

Paint4U is a painting company and as a living organism has its own personality, image and culture. Our company consists on professionals with different characteristics and skills that works together on seeking common goals and dreams. We present here, our Mission, Vision and Values. The Paint4U identity has bean affirmed along our way, is the result of the perception of each of us and the result of all the professionals who work here and give voice to Paint4U.


We provide excellence to our customers 'needs by developing and offering a quick interior painting service, safe, clean and affordable, with perceptible quality differentials that contribute to improve customers' quality of life, generating wealth in a sustainable way.


We make life more pleasant and simple for customers, promoting the well-being through the paintings service, being recognized as the leading interior painting company in quality and speed in the provision of services in Portugal paintings.


  • Integrity;
  • Honesty;
  • Service customer focused;
  • Human Enhancement;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Innovation;
  • Sustainability

Learn a little more about our paintings company. If you want, you can ask us a budget for interior paintings without any commitment.

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mold painting

The PAINT4U specializes in interior paints. Our painters are trained in the paint method of the brand and ensure a first class service. To increase your satisfaction, the service is permanently supervised and verified at the end to make sure everything is spotless.

surfaces paintings

Our teams of painters are specialized in painting various surfaces of a dwelling. All types of paint coating material on walls and ceilings. If you want to learn more about our service please contact us.

painting walls and ceilings

Painters PAINT4U are specialized in interior painting. With our teams of painters, the painted ceilings and walls of your home will be as new. If you're wondering what the best paint to use, our technicians will be happy to help.

clients Satisfaction

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  • When I need always contact the paintor Jacinto. He is already part of the family, Jacintos father painted the house of my mother and grandmother. Later at the age Jacintos father left the paintings and was Jacinto who took his place. I can not be more pleased, because whenever I made paintings in my home and family I never got anything for pointing.

    Marques Family -PAINT4U Customer Setúbal
  • What really made me satisfactorily admired was the on-time arrival and the appearance of the team of painters. The team was duly identified and neither seemed to be painters since the uniform was spotless. After leaves for work we do not know what happened... When we came home everything was impeccable.

    Marta Mello - PAINT4U Customer Azeitão.
  • I requested a quote for painting my house the response was brief and a technical appear in the site has agreed. The paintor was very professional and helpful over the service to perform. Paintings went very well with nothing to aim with high quality and professionalism. Now I know we dont need no one else for the paintings.

    Helena Alves Ribeiro - PAINT4U Customer Palmela