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Quality Painters – How to choose them?

Choosing the best quality painters can mark all the difference. Your time is money and money costs a lot to win, so why not hire a professional painter quality for your new project?

In order to help you to choose the professional painter, Paint4U Gives you some sugestions You May Consider:

Be specific in the painting that you want

You'll get the most adequate painting budget if you are able to detail and specify exactly what you want. When you contact the painters to know their budget you should define the areas to paint, the specific conditions for the work to develop (eg. The time of completion, the specific date that will have to be all termined), describe the surfaces to be painted (walls, ceilings, wood, mould, repairs, etc.). If you intent to require any decoration or artistic painting you may present an outline or image taken from magazine or the internet.

Be accurate as to the paint to apply

Many paint companies and painters on the market use the paint trick to increase their earnings on the paintings service to the prejudice of direct costs to the client.
The most common tricks are:

  • The painting data budget doesn't have any reference to the paints to be applied and, once the service is accepted, poor quality paints are used in prejudice of the final result;
  • Refer a paint brand without specifying the range or exact reference of the paint to be applied. When referring to a renowned brand, some painters companies deceive the customer with an alleged paint quality. However, by accepting the service, the paint used is the renowned brand but the specific range of the paint is low quality or inappropriate for the surface to be painted (eg interior paint with exterior paint.);
  • Inflate the budget value applying higher quantities of paint than the necessary.

To avoid these situations, check which surfaces are to be painted, its areas and ask for advise directly to the paint store brand what they consider is more appropriate for your painting. The brand usually gives you advice on the paint scheme, reference paints, prices and profitability in m2. These informations will help you to determine if the budget is correct, fair and in accordance with your needs.

Ask budget for paintings more than a painter or company

Consider asking at least three quotations for paintings. If possible,  detail what you want, spaces, m2 and paints. Ensure that the three offers are exactly alike. Consider speak personally with the painter or the responsible for the painting company and consider to put them the following questions:

  • How long does he work as a painter or in the paintings?
  • Is he a certified painter, the company has the registration certificate or license in INCI?
  • Does the painter or the company have personal accident  insurance and liability?
  • What is the professional relationship between painters and  the firm? Are they employees or subcontractors?
  • Can you give references of the work performed?
  • Does the work have any guarantee? The guarantee is given orally or accompanied by handwritten document?
  • If you did not detail the paint used. What paints are going to be used? (be sure you request the respective data sheets)

Always ensure that the budget is closed and not variable depending on the time of the painting or the amount of paint that will be spent.

Pay attention to detail and the painter posture or the posture of the responsible for the company

Never accept a budget without having a personal conversation with the painter or the responsible of the company. We suggest you consider receiving at least three competitors in order to choose the painter who give you more guarantees of economic and perfect work. Consider assessing the following signs and behaviors:

  • Does the painter or the firm responsible transmits confidence, professionalism and experience?
  • The painter's aspect is taken care of, polite and clean? (our appearance can reflect our work and our own behavior on day to day);
  • If you call the painter or the company does the answer to you call or the returning call is made in a fast way?
  • The painter or company is punctual in their schedule?

Note the references or the reputation of the company

Consider that to hire a painter or painting company is very important to ensure that they have good references and proven reputation. We've all heard about companies and painters who, after ending the work and if something goes  wrong,  they usually simply disappear from the market after some time and, although it is within the warranty period, it is the client who has to repair the detected situations,

Consider always seek references of the painter or the reputation of the painting company. Consider that a company like Paint4U for example is a result of an investment and life learning, being in essence a lengthy and expensive project that can’t simply change the name or disappear from the market with the ease of some less reputable companies.

If you considered our suggestions to find the best quality painters for your project, we believe you will have safeguarded all relevant issues and your project will be implemented perfectly.


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The PAINT4U specializes in interior paints. Our painters are trained in the paint method of the brand and ensure a first class service. To increase your satisfaction, the service is permanently supervised and verified at the end to make sure everything is spotless.

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Our teams of painters are specialized in painting various surfaces of a dwelling. All types of paint coating material on walls and ceilings. If you want to learn more about our service please contact us.

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Painters PAINT4U are specialized in interior painting. With our teams of painters, the painted ceilings and walls of your home will be as new. If you're wondering what the best paint to use, our technicians will be happy to help.

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  • When I need always contact the paintor Jacinto. He is already part of the family, Jacintos father painted the house of my mother and grandmother. Later at the age Jacintos father left the paintings and was Jacinto who took his place. I can not be more pleased, because whenever I made paintings in my home and family I never got anything for pointing.

    Marques Family -PAINT4U Customer Setúbal
  • What really made me satisfactorily admired was the on-time arrival and the appearance of the team of painters. The team was duly identified and neither seemed to be painters since the uniform was spotless. After leaves for work we do not know what happened... When we came home everything was impeccable.

    Marta Mello - PAINT4U Customer Azeitão.
  • I requested a quote for painting my house the response was brief and a technical appear in the site has agreed. The paintor was very professional and helpful over the service to perform. Paintings went very well with nothing to aim with high quality and professionalism. Now I know we dont need no one else for the paintings.

    Helena Alves Ribeiro - PAINT4U Customer Palmela