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The difference of having your house painted by professionals

Your home is your refuge, the place where your family spends most of  their time, where you receive close friends and where children develop their first games, essential for a  healthy growth. So, having your house well painted, with perfect finishes, turns out to be much more than a decorative aspect but a real need.

Choosing the best painters, the best professionals and the most appropriate service is a decision that should be well thought and analyzed. Below, we present you some of the differences of the service performed by professional painters Paint4U and which may impact on the choice of service that best fits to your needs:

1 - Economy - Paint4U is a company specialized in interior painting. Our service is cheap and the amount payable for the preparation of space and painting is a reasonable and affordable price. With our painting service, will save on paints because we offer our discounts on the purchase through our partnership brands. The customer chooses the paints that are best suited to its needs and Paint4U purchase, transports and makes your application. In the end, the customer will be sure of the quality of the paint applied and can prove the work made in accordance with a scheme provided by the manufacturer and still save a lot of money in the discount that the manufacturer offers on purchases for Paint4U customers.

2 - Speed - The Paint4U prepares spaces and performs the paintings with a team of professional painters in adequate number to paint most of the houses in one day. Imagine going out in the morning to work and when you return, you'll find everything painted and perfect as you always imagined. With our speed, you’ll save. With our fast service  you'll save money on hotel accommodation, you'll avoid the setback of having to pack up and clean up after painting  and a lot of hours and headaches with paintings that are fast to start but slow to end.

3 - Quality - From preparing to painting, until the final cleaning, everything will run with maximum quality, effort and dedication. We hire the best painters and we assure that they all have training in Paint4U painting method and are accompanied by one of our chief painters in order to ensure that all procedures and checks are taken into account. If you think you are picky with your service, we invite you to meet one of our chief painters. His job is essentially the verification procedures and quality of work that is being developed to assure you that everything is perfect.

4 - Security - With the Paint4U all services are warranted for 5 years. Our company is reputable and our professionals are in the market for many years. The contracted painters are subject to a thorough process of recruitment and selection, and all our work is supervised continuously by a chief painter dedicated to verify all the details. We have a department of quality and customer support who contacts with all customers after services and checks their satisfaction in order to respond immediately to any request.

5 - Cleaning - Our professional painters develops any paint job and in the end they are responsible for cleaning the painted spaces. All spaces are checked by our chief painter. Our painters are not allowed to leave de painted place while the service is not concluded with perfection., our painting work is cleaned by nature. Our painters are instructed for if there is any accident that leads to dirt in the space painted, the painters will have to clean up before leaving the place. We have the goal to leave the place without a single lick of paint on the floor.

If you want to know the value for painting your house or commercial space you don't have to wait any longer.  Enjoy the numerous advantages of our painting service. Contact us today for a free painting budget!


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mold painting

The PAINT4U specializes in interior paints. Our painters are trained in the paint method of the brand and ensure a first class service. To increase your satisfaction, the service is permanently supervised and verified at the end to make sure everything is spotless.

surfaces paintings

Our teams of painters are specialized in painting various surfaces of a dwelling. All types of paint coating material on walls and ceilings. If you want to learn more about our service please contact us.

painting walls and ceilings

Painters PAINT4U are specialized in interior painting. With our teams of painters, the painted ceilings and walls of your home will be as new. If you're wondering what the best paint to use, our technicians will be happy to help.

clients Satisfaction

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  • When I need always contact the paintor Jacinto. He is already part of the family, Jacintos father painted the house of my mother and grandmother. Later at the age Jacintos father left the paintings and was Jacinto who took his place. I can not be more pleased, because whenever I made paintings in my home and family I never got anything for pointing.

    Marques Family -PAINT4U Customer Setúbal
  • What really made me satisfactorily admired was the on-time arrival and the appearance of the team of painters. The team was duly identified and neither seemed to be painters since the uniform was spotless. After leaves for work we do not know what happened... When we came home everything was impeccable.

    Marta Mello - PAINT4U Customer Azeitão.
  • I requested a quote for painting my house the response was brief and a technical appear in the site has agreed. The paintor was very professional and helpful over the service to perform. Paintings went very well with nothing to aim with high quality and professionalism. Now I know we dont need no one else for the paintings.

    Helena Alves Ribeiro - PAINT4U Customer Palmela